Assign different lightning pages to specific profiles/application

Create different lightning pages for each and every object and assign it to the specific profiles/application.

This is the step by step guide on creating a new lightning application, new record detail page for any given object and assign it to specific profiles and our own application.

1. Creating a new Lightning Application

2. Enter the name | Choose logo | click Next

3. Since we are creating a normal application, click on Standard Navigation | Click Next

4. Click on Add for Utility Bar Items | Click Next

5. Under the list of available objects, select objects and add it | click Next

6. Select Profiles to access this application | click Save & finish

7. Open the App Launcher and select our brand new App

8. Open any object and sample records and see how it looks, we chose Account object , this home page we are going to change and assign the new home page to our app

9. To create a new record detail page, click on Setup | Lightning App Builder | New

10. Choose Record Page | Click Next

11. Name the Page | Select the Object | Click Next  (Note : we choose Accounts)

12. We have standard page templates, feel free to preview them and choose one. We choose Three columns | Click Finish

13. From the available standard components, drag and drop to the add components area.

14. After adding the components, this is how it looks like | Click Save

15. Once you click save, click Activate

16. Select App default | Click on Assign as App default

17. Choose our app | Click Next | Click Save.

18.  To assign this to profile, click on “Activate” again | Select App, record type and profile | Click Assign

  1. Choose our new application | Choose “Master” record type | Choose “Profiles” | Click Next & Save
  2. Click Save again


Here is our brand new Account detail page:

Note: In order to see the new changes, please switch to salesforce classic and switch back to Lightning experience.

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