Salesforce Reports – Create a simple custom report


Imagine trying to comb through your data to figure out what percentage of your opportunities had been closed this year. After a few hundred clicks, you would get pretty frustrated. Luckily, there are reports and dashboards to make your life easier. Compare, evaluate, dissect, and categorize data that will help you and your team make the right business decisions. All with the power of reports and dashboards.

Benefits of Reports:

You and your sales and marketing managers benefit from reports in these ways:

  • Visibility into data—reports give you easy access to key data insights, which helps managers make better decisions.
  • Time savings—you don’t have time to manually dig through all your many objects, records, and fields to pull together answers to your manager’s questions. Reports give you quick way to answer both simple and complex questions.
  • Flexibility—with reports you can pull data from all your standard and custom objects and fields. You have many powerful options for tailoring reports to the specific needs of your end users.

Your Stakeholders’ Reporting Needs:

In this project, you’ll get hands-on practice building reports on the Salesforce platform from start to finish. Let’s see the reports you’ll build for each of your stakeholders to track key business information.

Stakeholder Reporting Requirements
VP of Sales
  • Simple report showing all of her sales teams’ opportunities, by that have been closed won this year.
  • Report showing opportunities by rep, grouped by Close Date and displayed in a table.
  • Matrix report showing opportunities by owner, stage and size in the pipeline this fiscal quarter.
  • Report showing percentage of closed opportunities being won.
  • Visual comparison of sales rep win rates.
  • Ability to export and manipulate a report spreadsheet software.

Adjust Settings:

1. Click Setup and select Setup.

2. Enter Users in Quick Find and select Users.

3. Click Edit next to your name and change Role to CEO.

4. Click Save.

Next, edit the Close Dates for all of the existing opportunities. This is done so the correct data appears when you run the current fiscal quarter report later in this project.

1. Click the App Launcher and select Sales.

2. Click the Opportunities tab.

3. Click Recently Viewed and select the All Opportunities list view.

4. Select the checkbox to the left of Opportunity Name to select all opportunities

1. With all opportunities selected, rollover the Close Date for one of the opportunities and click the pencil icon.

2. Type in today’s date.

3. Select the checkbox to Update 31 selected items.

4. Click Apply.

Note: All of the opportunities should now have today’s date as their Close Date.

5. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Create a Summary Report:

Time to create a new opportunity report.

1. Click the Reports tab.

2. Click New Report.

3. In the Choose Report Type list, click Opportunities, then select Opportunities from the list that appears.

4. Click Continue

Next, you’ll use the Lightning Report Builder—a visual editor for reports. The report builder screen lets you work with report fields and filters, and shows you a preview of your report with just some of the data.

Set the scope of the report using the standard filters.

1. Click the Filters pane.

2. Ensure Close Date is set to Current FQ.

3. Click Opportunity Status and select Open and click Apply.

Change the report columns as required.

1. Click the Outline pane and click the X next to the following column headers to remove them:

  • Owner Role
  • Fiscal Period
  • Age
  • Created Date
  • Next Step
  • Lead Source
  • Type

2. In the Preview pane, click the arrow next to the Opportunity Owner column heading and then select Group Rows by This Field.

Add a summary field.

1. Click the arrow next to the Amount column heading.

2. Select Summarize.

3. Click Sum.

Save the report as Opportunities by Rep in the Global Sales Reports folder.

1. Click Save & Run, and then complete the Save Report details:

    • Report Name: Opportunities by Rep
    • Click in the Report Unique Name text box to auto-populate the unique name. Don’t worry, the unique name of this report isn’t checked.
    • Report Description: What opportunities do reps have in the pipeline?

2. Click Select Folder, choose Global Sales Reports, and click Select Folder.

3. Click Save.

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